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ScarMD® Glide

ScarMD® Glide – Massaging Scar Treatment

Dual Action – Massage and Silicone Treatment

ScarMD® Glide Massaging Scar Treatment uses an innovative 3-ball massaging applicator for dual action effectiveness in treating your scar.

Silicone Gel is clinically proven effective to decrease scar tissue, red, raised, pain and itching associated with scars; as well as, soften existing scar tissue and prevent abnormal scarring.

  • Massaging Roll-on Applicator
  • Applies a thin layer that dries almost instantly
  • Massage stimulates blood flow, bringing nutrients to assist in the healing process
  • Massage is thought to work by mechanically in re-distributing the fibrotic tissue 6,7,8
  • Massaging even once per day with ScarMD® Glide results in significantly less scar tissue8
Massaging Scar Treatment

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